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Laboratory for testing Plastic pipes and fittings
Laboratory for testing windows&doors,building curtain walls and energy conservation products
Laboratory for testing plastic sheets
Laboratory for testing coatings and adhesives
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  Laboratory for testing plastic pipes and fittings is the national lab professionally engaging in testing and studying the performance of plastic pipes and fittings.Now it has been equipped by the most advanced testing system with most expericeced engineers so as to become the largest systematical lab studying on the testing and evaluation of the plastic pipe in Asia.

  Various kinds of standards such as GB,ISB,EN,DIN,ASTM,AS JIS,BS,manufacture standards,etc.,can be followed in this lab.All kinds of the tests of plastic pipes,such as hydrostacic pressure tests, burst strength tests,fatigue lests,creep tests,certain dynamic mechanical tests,PCP test, Thermal cCycling tests,long-term hydrostatic strength of thermoplastice materials in pipes form by extrapolation,etc.,can be carried out in this lab.

  The lab has more than 2000clients.
  The lab has been an authorized testing organization for safety inspection and accreditation of Buried pllyethylene pipes for the supply of Gaseous Fuels by China state bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision(CSBTS) and for productiong registration and permit issue by the construction commitments in the main provinces in China.

Testing production
pressure pipeline
Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe for water supply
Buried Polyethylene pipes,fittings and ball valves for the supply of gaseous fuels
Polyethylene pipes,fittings and ball valves for water supply
Polypropylene pipes and fittings for hot and cold water installation
Crosslinked polyethylene pipes and fittings for hot and cold water installations
Polybutylene pipes and fittings for hot and cold water installations
Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe for industry
Chlorinated poly (Vinyl chloride)pipes and fittings for industry
Plastic/Aluminum/plastic composite pressure pipes and fittings overlap-welded and buttwelded by Aluminum pipe
Stainless steel(copper)-plastic composite pressure pipes and fittings
ABS pipes and fittings for water supply
Plastic-inner steel and plastic-outer steel pipes and fittings.
Steel framed plastic composite pipes and fittings
pipeline for oil transportation
pipeline for agriculture
pipeling for coal mine
Glass Fiber Reinforced plastic composite pipes
Stainless steel(copper)pipes and fitting
UItra-ligh molecular weight polyethylene pipes
Corrosion prevention pipes
pipeline for automobile

Testing Item
General testing item for pipe and materials of pipe
Melt flow rate
Thermal stability(Oxidation inducement time)
Volatile content at extrusion
Water content
Carbon black content
Carbon black dispersion
Pigment dispersion
Resistance to gas constituents
Appeatance & Dimension
Hydrostatic strength
Burst test
Tensile strength and break elongation
Resistance to slow crack growth(SCG)
Longitudinal reversion
Gel content
Charpy Impact
Falling weight impact
Ring stiffness
Flat test
Ring flexibility
Vicat softening temperature
Falling test
Oven test
Water absorption
Ring tensile
Delamination test
Fusion line test
Heat-resistance property
Fireproofing properties
Electricity properties
Bending test for pipes

Special testing items for pipe and materials of pipe
Thermal stability by hydrostatic pressure testing of thermoplastic pipes
Cold and hot water circulation testing
Pressure circulation testing
Determination of pull resistance
inlong/shtrt-pressure testing
Bending tesging for assemblies
Vacuum minus-pressure testing
Creep ratio testing of pipes for buried
drainage and sewage drainage
Determination of resistance to rapid crack
propagation(RCP)of Polyethylene pipes for
thesupply of gaseois fuels
Long-term hydrostatic strength of thermoplastics
materials in pipe form by extrapolation
Hot water circulation testing and evaluation
for pipeline
Oxygen permeability for pipe

Fittings and valve testing item
Systematical performance testing according
to GB and ISO,EN

Special service available
-Testing service,quality controlling for
prlducts,legal arbitrate and sampling
-Establishing and revising standards for
-Standards inquiry.
-Establishing laboratories for enterprises.
-Testing skill training for enterprises.
-China classification society(CCS)attestation
-Esport testing for products
-Test for product certification

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