Laboratory for testing Polymeric materials
Laboratory for testing Plastic pipes and fittings
Laboratory for testing windows&doors,building curtain walls and energy conservation products
Laboratory for testing plastic sheets
Laboratory for testing coatings and adhesives
Laboratory for testing aging properties
Laboratory for testing polymeric materials of auto
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  Laboratory for testing windows & doors,building curtain walls and energy conservation productsis a national grade laboratory professionally engaging in testing and studying the performance of plastic profiles,
aluminium profiles,windows & doors and parts of them ,building curtain walls,energy conservation products,and decorated materials. Now it has been equipped by the most advanced testing system so as to become a famous lab studying on the testing and evaluation of the windows & doors ,building curtain walls and energy conservation products in China.
   The laboratory has tested and evaluated the properties for raw materials,products and semi- products.Our customers include domestic manufacture and overseas companies,such as Wuhu Conch,Dalian Shide,BNBM,Anhui Guofeng,Zhejiang Zhongcai,Changzhou Chuangjia,Tianjin Jinpeg,Xinjiang Tunhe,Yunnan Hongta,Guangdong Gudi,Dalian YKK,Shanghai Veka,Tianjin COMMERLING,GE,Dupont,etc.(the arrangement is random).

  The main equipments in the laboratory are provided by famous manufactures all over the world.
Doors and windows test equipment can do experiments of high grade wind pressure,dynamic pressure etc.The Xeon lamp weather aging can do over 300 samples at the same time.And also the laboratory has equipped other aging equipments such as UV,FOG,Ozone etc.

  Our reports are recognized by customer and China government.And also we can issue reports in English according to customers`and overseas certification bodies`requirements.

Testing Productions
1.PVC profiles for windows,doors and fences
2.Windows and doors and its hardware
3.Aluminium profile
4.Buikding curtain walls
5.Sealing strips for plastic doors and windows and auto
6.Heat preservation sheet
7.External thermal insulation rendering systems
8.Decorated materials
9.Wood and plastic productions
10.PVC floor sheet

Testing Items
PVC profiles for windows,doors and fences
Tensile strength and elongation
Flexure modulus
Tensile-impact strength
High-low temperature cycling dimension change
(Heat reversion)
Impact resistance of falling weight
Resistance to weathering
Heat deflection temperature
Vicat softening temperature
Izod impact resistance
Oxygen index

Window and doors and its hardware
Wind resistance pertormance
Water tightness performance
Air permeability performance
Thermal insulating properties
Air-borne -Sound insulating properties
Repeating opening and closing
Turning force
Pull force
Resistance to corrosion
Friction force

Aluminium profiles
Dimension and tolerance
Angular deviation
Plane clearance
Curved surface clearance
Torsional degree
Tensile strength
Accelerated aging
Cut testing
Tensile testing

Building curtain walls
Deformation under wind pressure
Air permeability performance
Water penetration performance

Sealing strips for plastic doors and windows
Tensile strength at elongation is 100%
Tensile strength and elongation at break
Weathering of hot air
Compression permanence distortion
Low temperature brittleness
Resistance to ozone
Resistance to weathering

Thermal insulation board
Apparent density
Compression strength
Water vapor transmission
Water adsorption
Oxyge index

Extermal thermal insulation rendering systems
Esternal thermal insulation composite systems
based on expanded polystyre
External thermal insulation rendering systems
made of mortar with mineral binder and using
expanded polystyrene granule as aggregate
Water absorb
Impact strength
Freeze-thaw resistance
Water vapour transmission
Imparmeable property
Tensile strength
Wearable property
Action to fire

Decoratde materials
Behavior after heating
Impact resistance to falling mass
Resistance to nail
Oxygen index
Horizontal and vertical burning properties

Wood and plastic productions
Dimension change
Flesure strength
Izod impact resistance
Oxygen index
Resistance to weathering
Heat deflection temperature

PVC floor sheet
Coefficient of linear expansion
Weight loss after heating
Length change after heating
Length change after imersing in water
Sunken degree at 23
Sunken degree at 45
Remainder sunken degree
Thickness of PVC layer
Warp degree
Fading property
Peel force
The determine of injurant

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