Laboratory for testing Polymeric materials
Laboratory for testing Plastic pipes and fittings
Laboratory for testing windows&doors,building curtain walls and energy conservation products
Laboratory for testing plastic sheets
Laboratory for testing coatings and adhesives
Laboratory for testing aging properties
Laboratory for testing polymeric materials of auto
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  Laboratory for testing plastic sheets is a famous test lab for plastic sheets and waterproofing materials.With the high quality instruments and most experienced testing engineers,our lab has become the most skilful, authortative and professional laboratories in China.

  Our reports are recognized by not only customers from China and overseas but also the governments in China.This lad is also appointed test organization for granting production permit of waterproofing materials authorized by
China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision(CSBTS).

  The products tested in this lab include plastic sheets,plastic panels,plastic films,goesythetics,plastic/rubber floors,waterproofing materials,etc. Different kinds of standards can be used according to customers`needs,
such as GB,ISO,ASTM,EN,relative China industry standards,etc.

Test products:
Plastic sheets
PC sheets
Solid surface materials
Aluminum-plastic composite panel
ABS sheets
Polyethylene sheets
Plastic alloy sheets
PMMA sheets
Other plastic sheets

PVC floor

Rubber floor board

Waterproofing materials
Polymer waterproofing sheets
Paper base petroleum asphalt felt asphalt paper
Fiberglass reinforced petroleum bitumen
Bitumen flexible waterproofing membrane with
double reinforcement
Atactic polypropylene modifide bituminous
sheet materials
Styrene butadien styrene modifide bituminous
sheet materials
Modified bituminous sheet materials using
polypropylene reinforcement
Self adhesive rubber-asphalted membranes
for waterproofing
Self-adhering polymer modifide bituminous
Materials using polyyester reinforcements for
Waterproof sheet of chlorinated polyethylene
blended sith rubber
Polyvinyl chloride plastic sheets for waterproofing
Chlorinated polypropylene plastic sheets for

Plastic geogrid
Plastic geocell
Geosythetic clay liner(GCL)

All kinds of plastic and degradable films used
for packing,agriculture ,etc.

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