Laboratory for testing Polymeric materials
Laboratory for testing Plastic pipes and fittings
Laboratory for testing windows&doors,building curtain walls and energy conservation products
Laboratory for testing plastic sheets
Laboratory for testing coatings and adhesives
Laboratory for testing aging properties
Laboratory for testing polymeric materials of auto
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  Lad for testing Coatings and Adhesives is the national lab professionally engaging in testing and studying the performance of Coatings and Adhesives.It has been supported by BRICI,SINOPEC,Ministry of Science and
Technology greatly since its establishment. The lab has been equipped by the most advanced testing system.

  Various kinds of standards such as GB,ISO,EN,DIN,ASTM, JIS,BS,manufacture standards,etc.can be followde in this
lab.All kinds of the properties for coatings and adhesives can be carried out in this lab.The lab is one of the appointed testing organizations for China Compulsory Certification(CCC).

Testing Products:
Emulsion coatings for exterior wall,Emulsion
coatings for interior wall,Solvent-thinned coatings
for exterior wall,Water-soluble coatings for
woodenware,Inorganic building coatings for
external wall,Adiabatic coatings,Water-soluble
fluorocarbon coatings,Raised coatings,Multi
wall architectural coatings,Metal Coatings for
exterior wall,diversified primers,Water-fast
puttys,Elastic puttys for exterior wall,Puttys
for ceramic tile,Puttys for exterior wall,rendering
plaster,Polyurethane varnish,Polyurethane paint,
Alkyd varnish,Alkyd paint,Nitryl varnish,Nitryl
paint,Paints for automobiles,Primer for
automlbiles,Powders coating,Coatings for doors
and sashes of wrought aluminium alloy and
model steel,various anticorrosive coatings.

Elastic coatings and waterproofing coatings
Elastic coatings for interior and exterior wall.
Water-soluble saphalt-based waterproofing
coatings,polyurethane waterproofing coatings,
Polyvinyl chloride elastic waterproofing coating,
Polymer emulsion waterproofing coating,Solvent-
thinned rubber asphalt waterproofing coating.

Adhesives and sealants
Cementic tile adhesive,Concrete interfacial
substance,External heat insulation slurry for
exterior wall,Dry hanging glue,Marble glue,
Conserving material for stone,Adhesive white
emulsion,Adhesive for palstic floor,Adhesive
for Wood floor,Wood Adhesive for neoprene
rubber,Adhesive 108,Adhessive 791,Adhesive
PVC,Structural silicone sealant,silicone sealant,
Seam sealant for Concrete architecture,seam
sealant for vitreous wall,Building sealant for
stone material,Building sealant for colorful armor
plate,Elastic sealant,Sealant for middle hollow
glass,Polysulphide sealant,Polyurethane sealant,
Acrylic sealant.

Testing of Harmful Substances
Testing the content of harmful substances in
solvent coatings for woodenware,coatings for
interior wall,adhesives,wallpaper,Polyvinyl
chloride floor coverings,Carpet cushions,carpet
adhesives and atmosphere in room.The harmful
substances chiefly tested are formaldegyde,
benzene,toluene,dimethylbenzene,VOC and
heavy mental,etc..

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