Laboratory for testing Polymeric materials
Laboratory for testing Plastic pipes and fittings
Laboratory for testing windows&doors,building curtain walls and energy conservation products
Laboratory for testing plastic sheets
Laboratory for testing coatings and adhesives
Laboratory for testing aging properties
Laboratory for testing polymeric materials of auto
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  Laboratory for testing aging properties is the mational lab professionally engaging in testing and studying the aging performance of polymer and building materials.It has been supported by BRICI,SINOPEC,Ministry
of Science and Technology greatly since its estabilshment.

  A series of high quality instruments which come from famous companies,Atlas Q-panel, suga,Espec,etc.,are equipped in this lab. Now the lab has become one of the largest systematical lab studying on aging in China

Testing Item
Artificial weathering
Xenon weathering
UV weathering
Salt fog aging
Ozone aging
Thermal aging
Moisture aging under heat
Low temperature aging
High and low temperature cycling

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