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Laboratory for testing polymeric materials of auto
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  Laboratory for testing polymeric materials is a famaous test lab for raw polymer materials and relative plastic products.This lab has been continuously supported by Ministry of Science and Technology,SINOPEC and Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry.A serice of high quality instruments which come form famous companies,such as Instron,Zwick,Ceast,PE,etc., are equipped in this lab.Nowaday this lab is one of the most skilful,authoritative and professional laboratories in China.

  This lab works on evaluating physical and chemical properties of polymeric materials .During the test,properties of mechanical,physice,heat,optics,electricity and rheology can be tested,various kinds of standards such as GB(Chinese National Standard),ISO,EN,DIN,ASTM,JIS,BS and other special standards can be followed according to customers' demands.Thousands of enterprises around the world such as Dupont,GE,Qinghu University,Beijing University of Chemical Industry,China Academy of Science,Yanshan Petrochemical Company,Shanghai Petrochemical Company,Daqing Oil Field etc., have been served as the customers of this center.

Test Products:
General purpose plastic:
PE,PVC,PS,PP,ABS,phenol aldehyde plastic,amino plastic etc.

Engineering plastic:

Special plastic:
plastics containing fluorine,epoxy resin,
unsaturated polyester,etc.

Modified plastic:
different kinds of modified plastic and alloy use for automobile and electrical equipment,etc.

Plastic foam:
thermal insulation and foam materials include foaming materials of polyurethane,foaming materials of PS.

Plastic and rubbber additives:
including antioxidant,fire retardant,plasticizer,
resin finishing agent,phthalic acid ester for
industry,dyeing and finishing auxiliaries for rubber accelerator,rubber accessory ingredinet,
pocessing modified agent for PVE,
curing agent,etc.

Test items:
Mechanics properties:
tensile properties,flexural properties,
compressive properties,different kinds of
impact test(Izod impact,Charpy impact,tensile impact,falling weight impact),shear strength,
tear strength,peel strength,puncture property,
Shore hardness,Rockwell hardness,Hardness by the ball,ESCR indentation,etc.

Thermal behavior:
melting point,oxidation induxtion time,melt flow rate(MFR,MVR),heat distortion
temperature,Vicat softening temperarture,coefficient of linear expansion,etc.

electrical strength,permitivity,dielectric dissipation factor,volume resistivity,surface resistiveity etc.

yellow index,transparence,haze,whiteness,gloss,etc.

Physical properties:
Density,water absorption,water vapor
transmission property,Oxygen transmission
property,gel content,brittleness temperature by impact,heat-resistant stress cracking,ash, content of carbon black,dispersion of carbon black,coefficient of thermal conductivity,etc.

Fireproofing properties:
Oxygen index,virtical burning,horizontal burning,smoke density test,etc.

Chemical resistance:
Acid solution resistance,alkaline solution,salt solution,environmental stress cracking,acetone resistance,dichloromethane resistance,stain resitanec,etc.

Material analysis:
Component analysis

Sample preparation:
Injection molding,compression molding,machining,etc.

Providing service:
-Testing service,quality controlling for produts, legal arbitrate and sampling examination.
-Establishing and revising standards for enterprises.
-Standards inquiry.
-Establishing laboratories for enterprises.
-Testing skill training for enterprises.

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